Summers have set in and many of you have already started to line-up your wardrobes with light cotton clothes. You may have also requested for the servicing of your air-coolers and ordered for some drinks to keep yourself hydrated during the scorching days. Keeping yourself hydrated and cool is important. However, you should not also ignore your skin. With the rising temperature every year, it is important to protect your skin in the sun. When considering about skin protection, there is no substitute of sunscreen lotion.

homemade sunscreen lotion

A sunscreen lotion not only protects you from getting tanned but also saves your skin from different infections. Owing to the increasing demand as well as popularity of the sunscreen lotions, many companies have now come up with these products. However, all of them are not equally suitable for all skin types. Therefore, for the best results, it is always recommended to make some effort and prepare your own homemade sunscreen lotion.

Ingredients to Make Sunscreen Lotion

Non Nano Zinc Oxide

This is one of the most effective type of sunscreen lotion for girls, who want to protect their screen from the harmful UVA as well as UVB rays. Depending on the amount you apply on your screen, you can get a protection of SPF 2 To SPF 20.

Shea Butter

Even though this is not a highly recommended sunscreen for people going out frequently, yet applying shea butter can protect your screen as well. Offering SPF 4 to SPF6 protection, it is a good choice for people, who apply sunscreen every day, even if they do not go out in sun.

Coconut oil-

Coconut and coconut oil offers multiple skin benefits. If applied regularly, coconut oil can also help your skin from the harmful rays of sun and offer your skin protection of SPF 4 to 6.

Sesame Oil, Sunflower oil and Jojoba Oil

Apart from coconut oil, you can also consider using these oils as these are easily absorbed by the skin. These not only acts as a protective cover from sun but also nourishes the skin from within.

Vitamin E oil

Using this not just nourishes your skin. It also preserves the lotion.

Essential oil

It can be lavender oil, peppermint or eucalyptus oil


How to Make

how to make sunscreen lotion

Take a makeshift double boiler and pour 0.1 ounce of jojoba, sesame or sunflower oil in it. Add 0.8 ounce shea butter and 1 ounce of coconut oil to it. Put it in medium flame to melt the shea butter and cool it after removing it from the boiler. Now, carefully measure your zinc oxide. It should not be more than 20 percent of the lotion. Add the zinc oxide along with essential oils and vitamin E oil. Stir it nicely and store it in an opaque jar. Preserve it in a refrigerator.


how to use sunscreen lotion

Apply the lotion on all parts exposed to the sun. Make sure to reapply if you sweat or swim.

You can also use carrot seed oil or raspberry oil to protect your skin in the summer.

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