heat stroke

The scorching heat of the summer and the rising mercury level on the thermometers often make people crave for vacations in the hill. However, escaping the heat is not so easy. Therefore, rather than making plan for escapades, it is better to know, how to deal with the summer months effectively. While it is important to keep yourself hydrated and wear light cotton clothes during the summer months. Yet, it is not all. The rising temperature often brings the risk of sunstroke or heat stroke. To stay healthy and active in these humid months, it is better to know some remedies to treat heat stroke at home.

Lowering the Body Temperature

This is one of the most important factors to be taken into account, when it comes to the treatment of heat stroke. It is best to immerse the whole body in ice water or in ice. If that is not possible, at least immerse the whole body in cold water or constantly pour cold water on the patient so that the body heat comes out. Applying cooling blankets is also a good choice, if available.

Rehydrating the Body

drinking water

Just reducing the body temperature from outside is not enough. It is important to cool the body from within by rehydrating the body with adequate fluids. Drinking adequate water as well as other fluids can help in avoiding the risk of dehydration.

Onion Juice is Helpful

onion juice

Onion has many therapeutic uses and you can also help a patient of heat stroke by applying onion juice on the chest as well as in areas behind ears. It reduces the body temperature, which in turn help in treating the patient. Apart from this, you can also roast raw onions with honey as well as cumin and eat it. Adding raw onions in salads or chutneys is also a good choice.

Increase Fruits and Vegetables in Your Diet

eating Fruits and Vegetables

A healthy diet plays an important role in treating heat stroke. If you or anyone has suffered heat stroke and recovering from the condition, it is important to increase the amount of fresh fruits as well as vegetables in the diet. This will reduce your body temperature and keep it hydrated. Also it is recommended to avoid caffeine based products, including tea and coffee.

Reduce the Amount of Salt in Your Diet

Reduce the Amount of Salt in Your Diet

Many of you may just consider junk and spicy food to be injurious for health. However, it is not just the spice and oil in food that affects your health adversely in the summer months. Excess salt in diet or having salty foods is also equally injurious for health by disturbing the process of sweat production.

Coconut Water and Buttermilk

Coconut Water

Increase the intake of buttermilk as well as coconut water in your everyday diet. This will help you in keeping yourself cool during the summer months, which in turn will save you from the risk of heat stroke.

Treating heat stroke at home is possible if you can understand the symptoms. However, to be on the safer side, it is always recommended to take preventive measures and avoid heat stroke.

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